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Commission of Bioethics
Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health

Chairwoman of Commission of Bioethics of the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health: Joanna Kasznia-Kocot M.D., Ph.D

Secretary: Karina Erenkfeit M.Sc.

Contact details:

13 Ko¶cielna Street
41-200 Sosnowiec
Tel: (32) 634-12-87
Fax: (32) 266-11-24

Commission of Bioethics is an independent body issuing opinions on project medical experiments established in order to protect human dignity during experimentation.
The Commission verifies validity, viability and plan of clinical trials, analysis of estimated  spoils and a risk including  correctness of clinical protocol.
Primary rules of functioning of Commission of Bioethics have been defined in Article 29 of Act of 5 December 1996 on medical profession and dental surgeon in ordinance of Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of 11 May 1999 on the rules of establishment, operations and statue of Commission of Bioethics.

Sittings of Commission of Bioethics take place depending on the needs.
The nearest sitting will be organized:

Commission of Bioethics functions on the basis of the following legal Acts:

a) Act on medical profession and dental surgeon of 5 December 1996 
b) Act on pharmaceutical law of 6 September 2001 
c) Act on medical products of 20 April 2004 
2. Ordinances: 
a) Minister of Health and Social Welfare of 11 May 1999 
b) Minister of Health of 30 April 2004 
c) Minister of Finance of 18 May 2005 
d)Minister of Health of 4 November 2008 
e) Minister of Health of 15 November 2010 
3. Internal ordinances: 
a) Statute of Bioethical Commission 

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